Case Studies

Large US Financial Services Organization

Targeted Workshops

  • Large US financial services company with over 7000 employees and over $20B in annual revenue.
  • Company was facing a number of operational and customer service-related challenges – many of which were aggravated by internal bureaucracy and limited coordination across functional groups

Server provisioning process was taking excessive amounts of time and creating challenges for various application development groups

  • Low self-service rates through online tool
  • Long cycle time of over 10 days for a virtual server
  • Significant frustration among employees about difficult processes and wasted effort

Co-creative, collaborative problem-solving approach with leaders and employees:

  • Educated employees on use of value stream mapping; created excitement to tackle this difficult problem
  • Formed a cross-functional group of leaders and employees with clear goals to reduce customer lead time and reduce wasted effort
  • Ran series of workshops to analyze current state and design the target future state
  • Established an implementation plan to realize target performance level



  • Achieved same day online server provisioning (from 10 days to 1 day)
  • Increased self-service demand requests by 61%
  • Sustained increased volume of work by 64%
  • Freed up 1,500 hours to dedicate for higher value and strategic initiatives efforts