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I am an experienced consultant, facilitator and coach with a passion for helping individuals and organizations achieve their full potential. I create learning experiences where individuals and teams can improve their skills and “learn by doing” in a safe and trusting environment, combining technical knowledge of lean principles and operational excellence with knowledge of topics such as habit formation, influencing others, and mindfulness.

My first paid job was tutoring my neighbors in math back when I was in fifth grade. I have always had a passion for helping others learn and break through. Leading by example and being willing to go through the lesson myself first has always been part of my style.

As a consultant helping clients improve their operations, I quickly learned that the biggest factor in both the size of the value capture and the company’s ability to sustain it had to do directly with people – their skills and equally importantly, their mindsets. I thus began to intentionally study and learn about human behavior and how to help shift mindsets to achieve results.

My personal transformation journey began shortly after my first daughter was born. I was overweight but otherwise healthy (or so I thought). When I applied to get more life insurance, I was denied! That was a wake up call that my health was not where it needed to be. At that moment, instead of setting a specific goal to lose weight, I changed my mindset to work every day to become healthier so I could live a long life and be really present in my daughter’s life. I then started to apply the same toolkit I’ve been helping others use to myself. Afterall, being willing to go through the lesson myself is part of my style. So began a journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, and continuous improvement and growth. It has not been a straight line of improvement and it continues to this day. In fact, some of the areas most ripe for this work is in my relationships and how I am present and show up for those in my life.

Before joining Co-Creation Partners, I spent a year with Accenture as Director of Operations for Accenture Strategy. My education in consulting and transformation started at McKinsey & Company where I spent a decade in the Operations Practice. For 5 of those years I managed the McKinsey Capability Center where I designed and delivered capability building programs for Executives, Managers, and Change Agents. In total I have led over 100 learning programs training over 2,500 individuals from multiple organizations.

My client work experience includes: 

Operations Transformations
  • Led manufacturing transformation for aerospace supplier increasing direct labor productivity by 34% and freeing up capacity to produce an additional $13 MM in revenue
  • Led global benchmarking effort for consumer-packaged goods client covering over 50 manufacturing sites and identifying potential savings of over $100 MM

Organizational Design 

  • Assisted a $1 B integrated AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) company create a new organization to lead their disruptive technology and innovation efforts
  • Led reorganization of Global Operations for a high-tech client from a centralized function to BU-integrated operations improving operational effectiveness and financial accountability for decision-making
  • Led design of the Supply Chain organization for a major consumer packaged goods company during an intensive merger integration process
  • Led design of stand-alone organization in preparation for a major industrial divestiture ensuring operations would not be impacted by the potential sale

Supply Chain Management & Procurement 

  • Created custom inventory models for pharmaceutical distributor leading to $70 MM in inventory reduction without impacting service levels with an additional savings of $130 MM identified
  • Developed and implemented a trucking sourcing strategy (including RFQ development, supplier selection and negotiation preparation) for a metals product manufacturer resulting in savings of 15%
  • Redesigned scheduling process for automotive after-market supplier in Brazil. Together with site wide transformation effort resulted in an Overall Equipment Effectiveness of 95%
  • Created, piloted, and trained users on new analytical models and streamlined processes enabling increased productivity of crews while minimizing network impact for a Class I Railroad. Combined with lean effort, crews improved productivity by 30% resulting in savings of $45 MM
  • Diagnosed transportation function for consumer-packaged goods company identifying $30 MM in potential savings through mode mix optimization and competitive bid strategy

I have also been a consultant with a boutique firm, Noble Partners, a Supply Chain Manager for The Home Depot and a Quality Assurance Engineer for Ethicon. I hold a Bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering and a Master’s Degree in Operations Research from the Georgia Institute of Technology.

I serve on the Board of High Meadows School & Camp, a progressive independent school in Roswell GA. At home, I am fortunate to be surrounded by strong and talented women (my wife and two young daughters). I enjoy reading, running, meditating, and catching up with friends.  

— Shobha Nayar

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