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I have a passion for leading sustainable personal and professional transformations for industrial organizations. Early in my career, I learned it is not the organization that will change, but rather the people, at all levels of the organization, that drive impact as they grow, learn, and develop. It is this people first approach that I bring to every engagement that I believe makes the difference between achieving short term, temporary impact vs lasting transformations.

I began my professional journey as a submarine officer in the US Navy where I learned the importance of building and leading a professional team with both the technical abilities to operate safely and an enduring bond to help each other grow and learn. I then took this outlook to McKinsey and Company where I had the opportunity to develop technical, management, and cultural improvement tools that I could deploy in a business setting to drive lasting change. An inflection point in this personal journey for me occurred early in my time at McKinsey when I had the opportunity to participate in a personal development workshop, alongside some of my clients, run by one of the founders of Co-Creation Partners. This experience opened my eyes to the criticality of connecting with people on a human level to understand what really motivates and drives them, integrating this knowledge into the business transformation approach, and using this approach to continue to inspire, guide, and sustain the change. I have tried to leverage this experience in all subsequent client service opportunities.

My most recent work with Co-creation partners has consisted of helping a mid-sized contract pharmaceutical manufacturer improve their operational efficiency while transforming their culture to emphasize learning and continuous improvement. The first phase of discovery work resulted in the alignment of the executive team on Operational Excellence as a strategic, value added priority while driving productivity improvements in a target product line. The next phase of testing work resulted in 30% productivity improvement in a second product line while beginning the cultural transformation journey with both the frontline and leadership teams.

Prior to working with Co-Creation Partners, I served as the Vice-President of Operations for Oldcastle Enclosures, a $200M division within Oldcastle focused on manufacturing underground utility enclosures and trench for multiple markets including water, electric utilities, and telecommunications. My responsibilities included the safe and efficient operation of 10 manufacturing facilities, procurement, distribution, and delivery. Prior to Oldcastle, I served industrial and public sector clients on long term operational and organizational transformations. These clients included, but are not limited to, cost reductions in a large government agency, safety improvements in a metropolitan jail system, lean manufacturing improvements across the supply chain of a large aerospace manufacturing company, and operations and organizational improvements for a domestic aluminum manufacturing company.

I hold a Bachelor’s of Science in Systems Engineering from the United States Naval Academy and an MBA from the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University. I currently live in Atlanta, GA with my wife and 3 children where I spend most of my free time as a chauffeur to and from various children’s activities. When not attending these activities, I am an avid college football fan and recreational hiker.

— Shobha Nayar

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