Who we are

I have been leading or working with organizations to improve business performance for over three decades. My work leading teams and advising senior leaders focuses on the premise that business transformations designed to deliver operational excellence and a superior customer experience are far more likely to succeed when the transformation includes a focus on nurturing a culture built on trust and mutual respect. Fear is a powerful driver of behavior. Shifting an organization from a collective mindset fueled by fear to one built on trust not only drives better business results, it allows unlimited opportunities for innovation. 

“A bad system will beat a good person every time”
- W. Edwards Deming

Just out of college, and before I was introduced to the teachings of Edwards Deming, I was working my way up the management ranks of a regional bank in Buffalo, New York, experiencing firsthand the impact of ‘bad systems’ that demoralized employees, negatively impacted the bottom line, and did not deliver good – never mind superior – service to its customers. I found that I was drawn to, and developed a passion for, working with employees who are closest to the work to address operational inefficiencies that got in the way of delivering great service to their customers. As I gained a reputation for ‘getting stuff done’ by leading teams that tackled operational problems or introduced new processes, I realized that success was more likely to come by engaging frontline colleagues that not only helped to deliver better outcomes, but also served to significantly improve trust and mutual respect between employees and managers.

My strong operations background provided the key to an invitation to join a start up mortgage banking company led by a couple of senior bank partners, who were looking for someone to set up and manage operations for the new company. I was realistic enough to recognize the fact that being young, female and inexpensive was a big selling point! I learned a lot, and made a lot of mistakes, but that experience provided the jumping off point for a journey that I could not have predicted at the onset – from starting another mortgage broker company on my own, to merging it with a growing real estate-owned mortgage company some years later, to joining HSBC Bank as a Senior Vice President, and then recruited by McKinsey & Company as a Service Operations Expert, focused on implementing Lean transformations for financial services clients. As I look back over the factors that drove my career decisions, the recurring theme was always How Can I Make it Better? The opportunity to serve clients as a consultant in problem solving their own challenges of How to Make it Better and working with them to build a culture of continuous improvement is something that I am grateful for every day.

Over the course of my career, I have worked across multiple industries (financial services, government, telecom, food manufacturing) and many business challenges (operational improvements, building continuous improvement cultures and sales transformations).

Some of my recent work includes:

  • Supporting a multi-year lean transformation program at a large U.S. financial services company, focused on capabilities building
  • Implementing a strategy development and deployment support program for a U.S. military unit
  • Launching a lean transformation pilot in a Costa Rica compliance unit for a global payments company
  • Coaching a leading Caribbean Bank’s Collections Department on process improvements and effective collection call center protocols while maintaining their 40% customer market share
  • Leading a team of continuous improvement coaches in a national sales transformation and capabilities building program for a large U.S. telecom company
  • Conducting long-term coaching and a capabilities building program to improve process efficiencies and overall customer service at a large U.S. city’s procurement department

Prior to working with Co-Creation Partners, I worked with McKinsey and Company for 5 years, first as an Implementation Leader in the Operations Practice, and most recently as an Operations Expert in the Lean Practice. I was a faculty member for McKinsey’s MMBA Program designed for post-graduate (J.D., PhD, MD) new hires and co-authored “Continuous improvement- make good management every leader’s daily habit” (publisher: McKinsey and Company, September 2017). Prior to McKinsey, I spent over 25 years in various executive roles in the Financial Services industry, including as a Senior Vice President at HSBC Bank USA in mortgage sales and business transformation roles, and as a founding partner in two mortgage startup companies in Buffalo, New York. I have an MBA from Canisius College of Buffalo, and a B.A. degree in Sociology from the University of New York at Buffalo.

I am active in my community’s League of Women Voters, and I am a volunteer facilitator in my community’s Junior Achievement Program, educating middle school and high school students about entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy.