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My professional journey has been driven by my passion for people and to be of service. As a therapist and social worker, I saw personal transformation occur daily with my clients, who were often children and families. I also saw how easy it was for individuals to return to negative patterns because of their environment – the school system, their larger family support network, their living situations – couldn’t support the transformational work that my clients had undertaken. Similarly, in many roles I had in both the non-profit and corporate world, I would see truly dedicated and talented professionals demoralized by a system that wasn’t designed for their success, or by change management decisions that didn’t take people into account. It became apparent to me that only through transforming individuals while creating a culture that individuals could thrive in, could transformation be sustained.

I left working as a social worker and therapist for young people in school and hospital settings after I discovered financial embezzlement in the organization I worked for and was fired for reporting fraud. As I dealt with the aftermath, the famed party producer Philip Baloun, who I had met while volunteering for an organization that he worked with, offered me a job as his production manager. I went from working with low-income families to producing large private events and fundraisers. I worked with Philip for the last two years of his life. After his death, I returned to my non-profit roots as the Operations Manager for Mercy Corps’ Action Center to End World Hunger, an interactive museum built to teach visitors about causes of global poverty and hunger, and actions they could take to combat both. When Mercy Corps moved the Action Center to its headquarters in Portland, OR, I went to work for McKinsey & Co. as an Operations Learning Specialist. At McKinsey, I helped build a global portfolio of experiential learning programs, bringing executives to visit organizations that had been through company-wide lean transformations. I traveled the world visiting organizations in varied sectors; financial services, mining, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, and software development. Across industries, I saw that lean management naturally creates a system where people could thrive and contribute. However, to successfully implement lean management, people would need to change their mindsets and behaviors to support the culture that would, in turn, support them.

At Co-Creation Partners, I feel I am bringing together all that I learned through these many varied experiences in a human-centered and mindful approach to operational transformation. As a former therapist, I have coached not only clients but colleagues, and know how important it is to include coaching to ensure that people don’t get lost in the transformation. Organizations are made up of people, and people are impacted by culture. It seems so obvious that organizational change requires a human component to sustain. At Co-Creation Partners I have been part of creating learning programs with deep experiential elements to sustain lean transformation at a large Financial Services organization and am pleased to build a learning community of senior managers across organizations in the space of operational transformations.

A native New Yorker, I left the North East briefly to do my undergraduate degree at Oberlin College but returned to complete my MA in psychology from Yeshiva University. Travel has been a love of mine since I was a child. My parents are both retired teachers, and we traveled every summer. An avid reader and writer, I published my first novel Royal Entertainment, inspired by my transition from social work to event planning, in 2014. I find volunteering for organizations that I am passionate about to be incredibly rewarding and enjoy offering my time and expertise to great causes. While I have no talent as an actress or musician, I love seeing live music and theater and greatly admire those with the skills to convey stories and songs to an audience.

— Suze Faull

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