Our approach

The Co-Creation Journey

While every company’s journey is unique —successful journeys have common milestones

  • Activation

    Creates excitement, curiosity and commitment early in the process.

    • Collectively establish an exciting end-state that has broad buy-in and clear success measures
    • Address hidden fears and resistance upfront and build ease
    • Create psychological safety and shift resistance
  • Discovery

    Ensures root causes are unearthed and powerful and creative solutions emerge that people champion.

    • Understand current patterns and drivers of performance
    • Co-create interventions and solutions to achieve collective goals
    • Build alignment for go forward plan
  • Test & Learn

    Enhances pace and effectiveness of solutions through rapid learning cycles and skill building.

    • Run experiments to solutions
    • Build capabilities within organization
    • Measure/verify outcomes
    • Generate rapid learning to refine solutions
    • Embed and scale effective solutions

Various ongoing journeys

  • Senior leader/ strategic journey
  • Transformation team
  • Business function
  • Value stream/process level
  • Project level
  • Team level
  • Individual level