Guiding Philosophy

Our Promise

Our Promise

We enable organizations to sustainably improve business performance and well being.

How we do it

We use a whole-system approach with the human being at the center to create a culture of learning, problem-solving and high-performance.

We act as your trusted partner in transformation.


Sustainable business performance requires a focus on:

One - Both the Individual and the Collective.

Successful transformations need to combine shifts in individual mindsets and behaviors with shifts in how the organization collectively operates through its norms, systems, vocabulary and processes to create actions that drive performance.

TWO - Transforming being (intangible) and doing (tangible) levels.

Powerful self-sustaining transformation creates learning not just in terms of different business actions but also in the collective beliefs, assumptions and mental models that create the actions.


Fear is the largest source of waste in organizations

Fear is the primary enemy of learning. Our starting point is to facilitate the disruption of people’s relationship to fear –enabling them to move from indecision and resistance to learning and action. This is at the core of a thriving and continuously improving organization.


Ownership for transformation must live within the organization

We see our role as enablers rather than enforcers. We create the context where people get energized about participating in creating a higher performing future state and we provide structures that allow for the realization of that future state.


Success for us is working our way out of a job

Our primary intention in all our client work is to build capabilities –in leadership, lean management, change management and facilitation –so that the organization can sustain and deepen the transformation long after we are gone.