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Why Us

Clients and team members share what makes us distinctive.

Joseph Lupia

Joeseph Lupia, SVP, Elementis Global, Former Director of Technical Innovation, BASF Corporation

Why Co-Creation Partners

Agustin Stengel

Agustin Stengel, VP, Fannie Mae

Why Co-Creation Partners

Arun Mani

Arun Mani, President, Freshworks Europe

Why Co-Creation Partners

Nick Sanchez

Nick Sanchez, Former Chief People Officer, Namely

Why Co-Creation Partners

Jessica Diamond

Jessica S. Diamond, Chief Population Health Officer, Sun River Health

Why Co-Creation Partners

Doug Wirth

Doug Wirth, President/CEO, Amida Care

Why Co-Creation Partners

“A whole new world of possibilities emerges for leaders and for the whole organization.”
  • Small, highly experienced teams who actively co-create with internal teams (vs. large consulting teams running analyses in a separate room)
  • Powerful interacve workshops and learning experiences (vs. presentaons of training materials)
  • Facilitated group discussions and working sessions (vs. one-way report outs)
  • Limited use of PowerPoint; treating culture change as a contact sport (vs. producing documentation but no real, enduring change)
  • Acting with tough love and honesty (vs. only telling you what you want to hear)
  • Ensuring client co-ownership for results (vs. the consultants taking sole ownership for changing the culture)
  • Role-modelling, walking our talk (vs. saying one thing and doing another)
  • Building hard drivers of performance (e.g., strategy execution, OpEx tools, etc.) on a foundation of “I” and “WE” skills (vs. glossing over the soft stuff)