What we do

Service Lines

While there are some fundamental building blocks to all our efforts, our engagements are co-created with our clients and deeply customized to suit their specific situations.

Organizational Level


Culture Transformation

  • Co-designing and implementing an organization-wide culture transformation program to achieve desired performance results.
  • Efforts typically involve an (a) initial discovery effort (b) transformational workshops with at least two cohorts within the organization (formal and informal leaders) and (c) implementation and scaling of new ways of being and doing.
White Paper: How to build an award-winning OpEx Culture White Paper: How to Build a Culture of Innovation Case Study: Transformation Program

Operational Excellence

  • Co-designing and implementing an organization-wide OpEx transformation program to achieve desired performance results.
  • Efforts typically involve (a) initial discovery effort (b) development of pilots or model areas and (c) implementation and scaling of new OpEx mindsets, tools, and capabilities.
  • The strength of our approach is in combining “I” and “WE” mindsets and skills with traditional OpEx tools such as waste elimination, value stream design, daily management routines, and root cause problem-solving practices.
White Paper: From Compliance to Commitment Case Study: Operational Excellence

Strategy Development & Deployment

  • Often works as a precursor and/or support to our culture transformation and operational excellence service lines
  • We facilitate your strategy rather than do it for you. We co-create the strategy with you through a series of interactions that allow you to feel deep ownership for the final outcome and its deployment
Case Study: Strategy Development and Deployment

Team Level


High-Performance Team Journey

  • Workshops for top teams (typically two 2-day sessions)
  • Develop high-functioning top teams that can effectively and powerfully lead the entire organization
  • Address a holistic set of organizational, team, and individual level topics to include purpose, vision and strategies, prioritization, trust, difficult conversations, team norms, self-awareness, and personal mastery
  • Often includes organizational and individual 360 tools and follow-on coaching
Case Study: High Performance Team Journey

Capability Building

  • To provide the longest-term value for clients, we aim to transfer skills into the organization
  • Internal change agents and facilitators can successfully scale and expand any of the above programs with the right technical, change management, and facilitation skills
  • We help (a) assess current skill sets in the organization (b) design capability-building programs and (c) deliver the programs
Case Study: Capability Building

Individual Level


Executive Coaching

  • Work with senior leaders (often over ~6 months) on enhancing their leadership impact within the organization
  • Focus of coaching can be on intra-personal effectiveness, inter-personal effectiveness, and/or strategic thinking
Case Study: Coaching