Case Studies

Global Medical Equipment Manufacturer

High Performance Team Journey

  • North American Leadership team of a Global Medical equipment manufacturer
  • Region had missed their plan for multiple years and the Region Head, North America had just been replaced creating fear in the leadership team
  • Organization and leadership team exhibiting passive defensive behaviors and pushing back on corporate
  • A culture of blame and silos within the leadership team and a deep sense of complacency about business outcomes
  • Discovery – Deep structure interviews with members of the leadership team and review of current team practices
  • Activation – Three 1.5-day workshops with the leadership team to address different dimensions of effectiveness
  • IT – development of the aspiration matrix with a strong focus on the vison/goals, strategy and implementation plan
  • WE – breaking down of silos within the team, deepening trust and building capability to engage in difficult conversations
  • I – deepening self-awareness and development of a mastery plan for each leader to shift out of a Victim mindset
  • Test and Learn – Ongoing engagement, individual and collective, with leaders to shift behavior and cascade learning within their respective teams



  • Region has consistently delivered 10% over plan for the last 4 years
  • Region Head, North America was recently promoted to the position of Global CEO of the organization