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Common Challenges

Some common challenges we see in organizations.

As an


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  • On the cusp of a large scale business transformation – digital, agile, lean, commercial – and wondering how to ensure excitement, buy in and extraordinary results?
  • Struggling to sustain your business transformation after some initial quick wins?
  • In the midst of a merger or acquisition and looking to integrate the two organizations, in the realms of values, culture and operational procedures?
  • Wondering how to move the organization’s values from being just words on a poster or a website to being a lived experience for the employees?
  • Unimpressed by what is coming out of your innovation pipeline?
  • Encountering siloed thinking and wondering how to create end-to-end value creation?
  • Facing organizational resistance to your transformation?
  • Concerned about employee engagement and nothing seems to work?
  • Wondering why there is a gap between your strategy and results?
  • Spending hours in endless meetings with few productive outcomes?
  • Frustrated with team members who agree in person but then go do their own thing?
  • Dealing with suspicion and lack of trust?
  • Not being able to move the needle on the team’s low aspirations?
  • Need to kick start a new team quickly but do not know how
  • Going around in circles because of unclear decision rights?
  • Team is happy but the results are not?

Are you


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  • Seeking to be a better leader but do not know how?
  • Frustrated about your role not giving you a deeper sense of purpose?
  • Faced with difficult work relationships that you do not feel equipped to turnaround?
  • Wondering why bad things happen to a good person like you?
  • Struggling with work-life balance?
  • Feeling pulled in two directions? Either driving performance or being a good leader to the team members?