Case Studies

Global Chemical Manufacturer

Culture Transformation

  • Fortune 100 global chemical manufacturing company (35,000 employees).
  • Strategic business initiative to increase value capture from their multi-plant sites (4,000 employees) in the U.S. by adopting lean manufacturing practices.
  • Significant opportunities existed for operational improvements, not immediately apparent to the sites and their employees
  • High level of resistance to change within all levels at the sites due to historical pain from previous change programs
  • Culture at the sites were a significant impediment to transformation: mistrust, lack of empowerment, blame, siloes, poor communication

Developed and executed mindsets and behaviors program to address the cultural issues inhibiting the value capture:

  • Site leadership: program of three workshops tailored to specific challenges they were facing to transform personal and collective leadership behaviors
  • Built a cadre of change agents (~200) to take ownership of the transformation at a grass roots level; build critical mass at a site level; and support leadership team
  • Built a cadre of change catalysts (~600) to expand the influence of the transformation and provide support to the change agents
  • Created and cascaded site-wide change stories to engage the hearts and minds of employees
  • Recommended specific interventions in HR processes to support cultural changes
  • Created self-directed learning communities to assist with lean and culture implementations



“The financial impact on the sites was sized at a potential of almost $400 million USD/yr. After 12 months of implementation, a total of $100milion/yr. has been captured. Implementation will continue over the next 3 years. However, more opportunities have been identified because of the shift in mindset and behaviors at the sites. The employee engagement has drastically improved, with well over 2500 improvement suggestions at each site on a yearly run rate. The ownership of the manufacturing has greatly increased, improving the desired entrepreneurial behavior of the employees. The employees are communicating on a different level, sharing ideas and best practices.”

— Vice President , North America

The mindset and behaviors program was rolled out throughout various sites within North America (17,500 employees).