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Ajo Peru!

This year, Co-Creation chose Peru as a travel destination to learn about its ancient traditions and draw inspiration for our own continuous development.

In the trusted hands of Beáta Alföldi and local Q’ero shaman David Tejada Salas, we journeyed from Cusco to several Incan ruins in the Sacred Valley to the wonder of Machu Picchu. Along the way, we had the opportunity to participate in the indigenous ceremony of the Q’ero tradition: the reverent offering of thanks to Pachamama, mother earth, and the Apus, the spirit of mountains of the Andes. Near the town of Pisac, we spent three days engaging in experiential practices that brought awareness to limiting beliefs and helped us set clear intentions for our individual and collective paths. The sheer beauty of the landscape – its rich green, ancient rock formations, and expanse of sky – added to the feeling of humility, energy, and resolve that we brought back from South America. We can’t wait to bring this spirit into our work with clients.