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Grazie, Italy!

We went to Assisi to broaden our minds, our souls, and our offering. We found JAM, and we’re bringing it to our work and our clients.

What could we learn from the path of St. Francis? How could his life inform our work and our contribution to our clients? More than we could have imagined

Assisi was pure beauty, the vibe of deep history nestled in with rich green earthy vistas. It was a feast for the eyes, a feast for the soul, and a feast for the tummy! On our visits to the ancient sites that took us through the meaningful events of the life of St. Francis, we soon learned about the three symbolic knots of his legacy which his followers continue to wear, each representing one of the vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience. Certainly, themes lost in our modern world. But what did they mean, exactly?

One might think that the three knots allude to an uncomfortable life of austerity. But we couldn’t help but see what we coined “JAM”. We saw Joy in poverty, as there is freedom in not holding on to anything. We saw Abundance in chastity, as non-attachment allows us to live with an abundance of love for everyone. And we saw Miracles in obedience, as loving service and egoic surrender to being an instrument for something larger enables the miraculous.