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November 15, 1961 –November 9, 2014

Jasmeen joined Co-Creation Partners on October 1, 2010 barely a month after Gaurav founded the organization. For the next four years, she was the rock on which the team rested. She created the foundational elements of our internal policies and operational processes, many of which endure to this day. Jasmeen touched hearts and enriched the lives of all who knew her and even those that had never met her, as she worked tirelessly and often behind the scenes in her deep commitment to making a difference for others.

Despite being diagnosed with Stage IV cancer in 2012, Jasmeen insisted on staying on the job and amazed us all with her ability to contribute at the highest level even as she went through gruelling treatment. She will always be our role model on how to face adversity with grace and courage.Surrounded by her family, Jasmeen passed away peacefully on November 8, 2014.

We will forever be grateful to her for her contribution to making Co-Creation what it is. And we will never stop missing her.

— Annette Stanley

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