Who we are

I am intrigued and bewildered by our human capacity to engender fairness, equality, and equity. At our core, I believe that we all recognize how fairness, equality, and equity can transform lives. How these elements can transform communities, companies, and cultures. How modeling these behaviors can create a new and positive dynamic.

Joining Co-Creation Partners allows me to stand in this truth. To imbue these elements in the work that I do with clients. To simultaneously co-create and be transformative with clients and with myself.

Before joining Co-Creation Partners, I held management positions in the chemical, big pharma, airline industries. I have consulted with and been a thought-partner to senior-level executives at numerous global firms, government agencies and non-profit institutions, including Pfizer, Southwest Airlines, US Food and Drug Administration, Columbia University, and Ministry of Peru. In addition, I was an Adjunct Professor at the University of Maryland, where I taught the capstone course in Entrepreneurship and Innovation.

Alongside my work with Co-Creation Partners, I engage in various activities and forums that seek to uplift underserved communities. In this capacity, I have served on the Board of Directors to the YWCA-NCA. Currently, I am an advisor to Aspiring Women Now, an organization dedicated to empowering girls and women.

I have practitioner certifications in Change Management (Prosci) and Essential Facilitation (Interaction Associates). I have an MBA and MA, International Affairs from Columbia University. My BA, Biology was conferred by Hampton University. I also have a sprinkling of graduate work in neurobiology, psychopharmacology and non-profit management.

In my downtime, I enjoy the challenge and sereneness of sailing. Sailing lets my mind, body and spirit imagine infinite possibilities and fulfills my sense of wanderlust.