Who we are

Meet the Team

“Unusually skilled and deeply committed to the success of their clients in every possible way.”

Gaurav Bhatnagar


Mark Minukas

Managing Partner

Shobha Nayar

Partner, Finance and Operations

Jon Beard


Suze Faull

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

Marni Fechter

Learning Events, Facilitator

Oliver Henzler

Coach, Consultant, Facilitator

Leah Lawrence

Coach, Facilitator

Geoff Orazem


Maria Mercedes Otero


Kathy Robinson


Andreas Skourides

Operations Manager

Annette Stanley


Jasmeen Hamilton

IN MEMORIAM, Past Partner

How We Work with You

Our engagements are co-created with our clients and deeply customized to meet their unique needs


We work WITH you - NOT ON you - to develop solutions. We listen deeply and seek to understand. We build long term capabilities to make your transformation self-sustaining.


We work seamlessly with all stakeholders (including other consultants) to help you deliver an integrated transformation.


We value all points of view and care enough to question them as appropriate. For us there is no trade-off between delivering high impact and building long-term relationships.


We do not shy away from challenging or being challenged. We combine deep expertise with curiosity and a learning orientation.


We walk our talk and aspire to role model both our values AND the values that you aspire to embed in your own organization.


We do not help you simply replicate ‘best practice’ – we move beyond this to help you create the ‘next practice’ that sets the standard for your organization’s future.

Our Organizational Values

  • Mindfulness - to be reflective in all our actions
  • Joy - to bring positive energy in all we do
  • Challenge - to embrace meaningful discomforts and learning
  • Community - to build nurturing relationships
  • Curiosity - to always learn and push the envelope
  • Choice - to take ownership of our decisions