Who we are

I have been involved in large organizational transformations for over eleven years. I discovered the power of culture and organizational change when I was working in Iraq and Afghanistan helping rebuild their transportation sectors. Years earlier I had fought in Iraq as a Marine and I thought I had helped bring lasting positive change to the country but over the intervening years I was heartbroken watching the country descend into violence and chaos. When I returned I was part of an operations and cultural advisory team with the mission to help resurrect the Iraqi transportation industry. In the Marine Corps we asserted and drove forward, but as an advisor we started by listening and understanding and then collaboratively developed solutions that met the Iraqis where they were and that were sustainable and culturally achievable. When I realized that I had had more positive long term impact on the future of Iraq as an advisor than as a Marine I knew I’d found my calling.

I was so impressed by the impact we achieved that I continued my study of organizational transformation with McKinsey & Co where I participated in, and led, large organizational transformations. And since leaving McKinsey I’ve continued starting, participating in, and advising large corporate and industry transformations.

Over the course of my career I’ve been a part of:

  • Multi-year operations and cultural transformation at a major home mortgage institution
  • Transformations in the federal contracting market
  • Maintenance operations transformation in the rail sector
  • Part of initiating team that kicked off a multi-year transformation in the insurance sector
  • Revitalization of the Iraqi transportation sector

Prior to working with Co-Creation Partners, I worked for 3 years at McKinsey and Company as a leader in the Operations Practice. Before that I spent over 5 years in the military with assignments in the US and abroad. I hold degrees in computer science from St. Mary’s College of MD, and a J.D. from Harvard Law School