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As long as I can remember, I have been fascinated by figuring out how to enable others to discover their ability to perform. Early on I understood that there wasn’t anyone who could not do something, simply people who had not yet understood how they could do something or were being limited by their environment.

My passion for unlocking people’s ability to perform dates back to high school when I spent time tutoring my classmates in Geometry and other Mathematics subjects that they found difficult, and I quickly discovered the power of analogous experiences.

The joy and relief you witness when someone has that ‘aha’ moment and discovers their ability to understand and then perform is a constant reminder that human beings are infinitely capable, given the right tools and environment. That was true in a High School setting, and possibly more so in today’s business world.

After about 5 years of transformation work in Operations with McKinsey & Co, I had the opportunity to build a hands-on learning environment where McKinsey clients are able to test out new tools and techniques and witness very life-like results. This opportunity solidified my belief in analogous experiences and the power of true understanding leading to personal transformations that drive real cultural transformations in groups which can in turn lead to tangible performance improvement. More importantly, lead to sustained continuous improvement that lives and thrives long after the initial transformation effort.

I have recently spent time developing the capability building package for a European Utilities 50 2019 company to disseminate Operational Excellence practices throughout their global footprint, as well as directly working on targeted area transformations for them both in Europe and North America. I am constantly inspired by how they’ve adopted the concepts, made them their own, and become the teachers as they continue to expand their new way of working throughout the global enterprise and build on their successes.

Prior to that, during my 7+ years at McKinsey & Company, my transformation work spanned across industries and included:

  • A full-scale vaccine manufacturing transformation resulting in doubled productivity and setting the stage for quadrupled productivity
  • A 6-week effort to transform a packaging line resulting in doubled productivity
  • A call-center transformation improving service and productivity which reduced costs by 25%.

Before working in the transformation space, I worked as a Mechanical Engineer at General Electric’s Global Research Center where I developed patentable designs for Solar Panels and CT Scanner bearings systems, and subsequently at GE Energy. I hold a Master’s degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology and a Bachelor’s degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Mechanical Engineering.

When I am not working with clients, I work with my personal young client (my son) on staying centered, accepting feelings, understanding others and being compassionate as he works through the often-difficult process of growing up! I take breaks hiking, dancing, doing yoga, sewing and figuring out how to make yummy baked goods out of vegetables for my husband and son to enjoy. 

— Geoff Orazem

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