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I’ve been captivated with transformation, with human potential, and with living an authentic, engaged and meaningful life since my introduction to this work in 1995. I know how transformation, a shift in root perspective or worldview, creates profound and permanent shifts in how we experience our work and our lives and it’s my passion to assist others in experiencing their true, unlimited potential.

I specialize in the facilitation of experiential workshops that shift mindsets and behaviours expanding employee capabilities and interrelation skills. I work as an executive coach to embed the transformation and usher the new skills and tools towards sustainable change. In addition to facilitating our core transformation programs across the U.S., I develop internal client capability initiatives through program design, facilitation and resource development for both facilitator and coach training.

In Toronto, I’ve created and facilitated special programs to non-profits including Toronto Community Housing, Canadian Cancer Society, United Way and Toronto Foundation and their sponsored organizations, assisting these various groups to work collaboratively and grow their effectiveness in their communities.

What makes me most effective is the fiery path that I have walked in my own life and the wisdom and clarity I have gained in the process. I understand the challenges we face on a very deep level and with absolute resolve I continue to reach my own authentic power and potential. I have an intuitive ability to move people move from point A to point B, to deliver clear communications, ask the right questions and facilitate the insights that catalyze growth and sustainable transformation.

I am an ADLER trained ICF (International Coaching Federation) certified coach, ACC and NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) certified Consulting Hypnotist, CH (trained by Donald Currie). I also have certifications in Human Synergistics, Communications Clearing, Voice Dialogue and Core Belief Engineering. This background enables me to seamlessly take individuals and teams into the deeper realms of understanding needed to truly shift and sustain new behaviours.

Before dedicating my career to transformation, I cut my teeth in the entrepreneurial world as a communications strategist running a branding agency for many years. I worked with clients both big and hopeful, from FedEx to start ups. As head of strategy, I’ve led experiential focus groups as well as deep probe interviews to understand my client’s authentic point of difference and then creating an identity program that would give them their wings to fly.

In my free time I am an avid reader and learner. I adore animals and nature; travel, restaurants and movies with friends and family. My love for my daughter Alexandra continues to be my inspiration.

— Shobha Nayar

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