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I care deeply about supporting the growth of a culture of humanity in the workplace that inspires people to find meaning and passion in their work, strive for excellence and discover how to become their best selves. I consider it an honor and a pleasure to run Support Services for Co-Creation Partners - nurturing the company and the people who make up the company, in material and non material ways, working with my colleague Andreas to create seamless operations that deliver exquisite client service and working with our marketing partners on ways to tell the story of Co-Creation Partners to a wider audience.

Taking on my role at Co-Creation Partners has felt to me in many ways like completing a circle and coming back to where I started but seeing the landscape in a wholly different way. I started my career at Procter & Gamble India in the Media Department. In my last assignment as Media Manager, I was responsible for translating brand strategies to media strategies and creating, monitoring and executing plans to deliver on the strategies. I managed the second largest media budget in the country, working with and managing multiple advertising agencies. I was also responsible for setting up systems and processes to ensure the effective and efficient running of the department. At Co-Creation Partners, I work with a cadre of administration personnel to ensure smooth operations that result in ease for all concerned and an exquisite experience for our clients. In addition I also manage our external financial relationships and processes and our internal budgets to deliver on our business building and organization building priorities. I am committed to integrating a focus on business priorities with an equal focus on “walking our talk” ie, in living our philosophy on personal and system transformation and creating a peak performance culture within our own organization.Prior to joining Co-Creation Partners, I was a teacher in the White Plains City School District in White Plains, NY and before that a stay at home mother to my two children. I have an M.S (Education) from Sarah Lawrence College, New York and an MBA from XLRI, Jamshedpur, India.

It was in my role as mother and teacher that I first found my passion for co-creating transformation. I was blessed with two extremely independent minded children who could not be coerced into doing anything they did not want to do. I found that helping them find meaning in the work they did and designing engaging, experiential learning exercises was the key to unlocking each child’s potential to learn and bring forward their best selves. This belief was the basis of much of my teaching practice as well. I also learned from my classroom experiences that all learning is co-created- the child makes his/ her own meaning from the experiences you provide and the mindsets and behaviors he/she brings into the classroom. The mindsets and behaviors are in turn influenced by the culture of the classroom, what they see and hear at home and in the media. I am excited to bring the understanding I gained to the world of adult learning and explore and learn more in this area with her colleagues at Co-Creation Partners.

Outside of work as well, my greatest pleasure is in engaging with people and their stories through reading, movies, travelling and experiencing different cultures, and deep conversations with family and friends (and the occasional stranger in the supermarket checkout line!).

— Mark Minukas

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